IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment of new Research Director of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI)

The Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI) is happy to announce the beginning of its cooperation with Mr. Michalis Mathioulakis in the position of the new Research Director of the Institute. 

The Institute’s Chairman, Prof. Dr. A. Metaxas, welcomed Mr. Mathioulakis in this position as an experienced Energy Strategy Analyst and researcher in the University of Macedonia, producing analysis of the energy sector in MENA and Eastern Mediterranean for the Hellenic National Defense General Staff Chair in Strategic Studies – “Thucydides”. Michalis is a PhD Candidate, holds a Master’s in Strategic Studies, a BA in Political Science and a BA degree in Economics. The Institute’s Research Department supports research related to energy issues in Greece, the EU and worldwide, with particular focus in Energy Regulation & Law in all energy market sectors (electricity, natural gas, hydrocarbons). It supports researchers and post-graduate students to conduct, publish and promote research work and scientific analysis in the fields of energy law and regulation. The appointment of Mr. Mathioulakis is a sign of the commitment of HERI for an intensified intervention in the above mentioned fields and activities. 


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