Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute


he Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI) is a scientific initiative launched in an effort to establish an open scientific forum, where energy experts and people interested in energy regulation will have the opportunity to elaborate on interdisciplinary energy issues.

The Institute’s main objective is to promote research and academic dialogue on Greek and European Energy Law and Regulation issues from a legal as well as from an economic standpoint. Furthermore, HERI aims at fostering an open dialogue between energy professionals and people active (or interested) in the energy industry, in order to disseminate knowledge on the relevant national and European legal framework. Our aim is to critically observe the enforcement of Energy Law both at EU and national level while detecting important recent developments and trends in this area.


Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI) aspires to become a scientific legal forum where important energy-related issues are addressed. As a think tank on energy regulation issues, the HERI examines and elaborates on all interesting legal aspects that arise in the European and Greek energy market as well as their interrelation with technical and economic parameters that are inherently linked with the evaluation of regulatory decisions.


Carrying out scientific research
Contributing to the efficient and sustainable implementation
Periodically organizing seminars and workshops

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